About Amsterdam Venture Studios

TheĀ Amsterdam Venture Studios offer students, researchers and alumni of the Amsterdam knowledge institutes the opportunity to transform their ideas into action. These new places on the Amsterdam campuses facilitate the start and growth of new impactful businesses.

Amsterdam Venture Studios offers more than just working space. Users can follow a joint incubation program to increase the chances of success of their knowledge-based and (high) tech startups. Training and mentoring and access to the networks of knowledge institutions, investors and companies helps them to transform ideas into successful new innovative businesses. The campus locations provide easy access to high-quality research facilities and laboratories.Ā In addition, the proximity of talented and ambitious students (more than 100,000 throughout Amsterdam) is a big advantage for startups.

By introducing the Amsterdam Venture Studios, the Amsterdam knowledge institutes contribute to the growth of new knowledge-intensive companies. In this way they increase the economic power and provide new job opportunities for the region of Amsterdam.