ACE Incubator

ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship) supports students, graduates, researchers and academics who are starting or growing their tech or science based business. Their help consists of training & coaching and introductions to their extensive network of industry leaders, business professionals, investors and service providers. By supporting knowledge-based startups. ACEd strives to build a learning ground for creating impactful companies of the future.

ACE runs programs open to the academic entrepreneurial ecosystem. Currently those programs are:

  • Explore programs: to help establish an entrepreneural mind- and skillset. more info can be found here
  • Incubation program: 10-week incubation program, runs twice a year ( May & November). To help build, validate and grow the early-stage Startup. more information & criteria can be found here

ACE Incubator
Startup Village | Science Park 608*
1098 XH Amsterdam