10K pre-incubator program open for enrollment

16 Sep '19

10K pre-incubator program at Amstelcampus

Do you have an innovative or sustainable idea just like Swapfiets, and do you want to develop this into a startup? But are you not sure how to proceed or how you can compose your team? During the 10K program – which starts on 16 September – you get 20 weeks of coaching and we will support you to make your idea startup ready. During the 10K program you will use this half year to work on your plans, team and your own entrepreneurial skills!


  • You have an idea for a creative solution or sustainable innovation
  • You are in need of extra support, coaching and knowledge in order to realize your idea
  • Work hard (play hard) is a mentality that suits you

Entrepreneurship, something for you?

The motivation that all 10K-participants share is the drive to make an impact with their idea. This can be a contribution to the energy transition, an idea for a more livable city, or the goal to sell your product to as many customers as possible.

Entrepreneurship can be a tool to create a better world, to innovate or to earn a living for yourself. These things are not mutually exclusive.

Whatever your goal is, you will need a plan to figure out who will use your product, how you can design and build it, who will be in your team and how you will finance your idea.

The program

During 10K the coaches will support you to design your business model. And after 20 weeks you will have a business plan, a pitch and the experience and confidence to step up to a bank, investor or potential partner. But you will also know what is expected of you, your team and your idea.

This means that during those 20 weeks you will work hard together with the other student entrepreneurs. But besides working hard participating in 10K is also really inspiring and fun. It gives you the opportunity to realize your idea and maybe change the world – or a small part of it!

On 16 September we will start with an intensive week and after this we will see each other once every two weeks for coaching, support and a masterclass. You will end the program with a Dragons’ Den in which you will prove that you and your idea are startup ready.

Enrolling or questions?

To enroll in the 10K program you sent an e-mail to ondernemerschap@hva.nl. We will contact you for an intake interview. If you have any questions you are always welcome to visit us at the Amsterdam Venture Studios – Amstelcampus (Wibautstraat 3b).

16 September - 2019

Amsterdam Venture Studios - Amstelcampus