For startups

The entire Amsterdam Venture Studios community is focused on (potential) founders connected to the Amsterdam knowledge institutes and their success. Our partners constantly work alongside startups to solve problems. And, when warranted, the startups receive investment. We are proud of supporting our startups to change communities, create jobs and build valuable products, innovations and services.

We’re all about you.

You have an idea for or already founded a startup who has a great idea, team, and vision for the future. You get that building a company isn’t just about building a product—it’s about creating a world-changing idea. And the Amsterdam Venture Studios has the resources that can help you do it.

Below are the ways (potential) founders can join this incredible community.

Ways to engage

  • Join a location and/or program
  • Attend one of our events open to researchers, employees, students and alumni of the Amsterdam knowledge institutes
  • Get connected to capital
  • Contact us to help you navigate the ecosystem