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Are you starting or running an initiative that supports entrepreneurship at Universiteit van Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, Hogeschool van Amsterdam or AmsterdamUMC? Join our community.

A like-minded group of people such as yourself try to provide the highest quality support to entrepreneurs, leading to incredible outcomes for startups that are rooted in various fields of science.
Amsterdam Venture Studios can be found across academic Amsterdam. With that kind of leveraging power, you can accomplish what you never would alone, from a rich set of resources and experiences that are hard to beat.

The value of being part of the Amsterdam Venture Studios community:

  • Community of Peers
    A supportive and engaged community of people just like you
  • Best Practices
    We share our lessons learned
  • Industry Data
    Access to industry data and adding up our data to show our collective impact as a community
  • Flow
    Access to other programs and locations and promotion of yours helps to ensure you will be working with the right companies
  • Perks & Discounts
    We connect with service providers and make those services available to you and your startups
  • Workshops, develop your skills
    We organize workshops and educational events on a regular basis. Check it out!
  • Opportunities for Investment
    We provide startups in our community with opportunities for investment. You can read more about it here.

We’d love for your team to be a part of this community of initiatives that are giving startups the resources they need to thrive. So please do get in touch.