Law Hub

The Amsterdam Venture Studio within the (Amsterdam) Law Hub at the Roeterseiland Campus, specifically focuses on incubating social enterprises that solve real-life societal  justice challenges and problems. Their innovative enterprises focus on themes such as migration and refugees, employment, housing disputes, (cyber)crime, children’s rights, civic engagement, and more.

Besides hosting legal tech start-ups, the Amsterdam Law Hub also hosts innovative human rights organizations and facilitates connections between the academic world and the legal profession. Adding to this, it has a direct impact on improving access to justice in society by hosting organizations such as Lawyers4Lawyers and Bureau Clara Wichmann, as well as a Free Legal Advice Centre where citizens can get legal assistance from law students.

The Amsterdam Law Hub works closely with partners such as law firms, legal insurance companies, the Ministry of Justice & Security, municipalities and civil society organizations, to help solve important societal problems that have a justice component. However, we don’t think lawyers can tackle such issues alone, so we focus on connecting interdisciplinary teams of social scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs and techies.

The Amsterdam Venture Studio within the Law Hub has set up a Start-up Fund specifically focused on supporting legal solutions that are developed by UvA students, researchers and young alumni. The seed funding provided through the fund is 2500 EUR and is evaluated on a rolling basis. The Law Hub also provides a tailor-made Market Launch program to mentor start-ups in the legal industry.

AVS @ Amsterdam Law Hub
Roeterseiland Campus, building A

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 525 5340