Startup Village

Startup Village is a community working space aimed at creating an environment where innovation can thrive. It offers office space, meeting areas and supporting services. With several learning spaces and co-creator labs,  Startup Village empowers entrepreneurship and innovation.

Located at Amsterdam Science Park, east of Amsterdam’s historic city center, Startup Village houses around 30 startups with a science or tech focus. Amsterdam Science Park is home to the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science and many internationally renowned research institutes. With facilities that enable businesses to make use of the scientific infrastructure, the campus is the place to be for innovative high-tech and science based startups.

Startup Village has also created meaningful partnerships that offer support to its tenants. Startup Village is an initiative of Amsterdam Science Park, UvA Ventures Holding, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship and designed by Julius Taminiau Architects.

Metrica Sports started at Startup Village to develop and commercialize the FootMapp software that allows coaches of professional football clubs to analyse matches, provide players with feedback, and make decisions. Ruben Saavedra, co-Founder and CEO: “We have PhDs on our team, but no experience as entrepreneurs. At Startup Village, we were helped with legal, financial and other challenges. My advice to starting business founders: follow your dreams and your ideas. If there’s a market, go for it”.

Amsterdam Venture Studios @ Startup Village
Amsterdam Science Park

Science Park 608, Amsterdam

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