Amsterdam Venture Studios launches yearly startup book

March 17, 2021

The first edition of the Amsterdam Venture Studios startup book will bed dedicated to Amsterdam based startup founders connected to the academic knowledge institutes. We are proud of all this talent, who play such an important role in creating much-needed solutions.

The startup book can help  forge connections between founders, potential employees, corporate or government organizations and investors. We hope this book helps to create connections and will work as a first step towards fruitful collaborations.

We also hope to inspire other knowledge institute employees and students with this book to take action on their own entrepreneurial ideas and dreams.

Once the yearbook is published (September 2021) it will be made available for free on this website and sent out to our network.

Want to be in the startup yearbook?

If you are a startup founder within our ecosystem (see our participating locations and programs), you can apply for the startup yearbook. You apply by filling out a research survey drawn up by the Amsterdam Business School. The data you provide will be submitted in the UvA and Amsterdam Venture Studios database. Filling out the survey will take you a few minutes. However, it will benefit your startup (being included in the startup yearbook) and the ecosystem you are a part of (by examining the data we can improve our academic startup ecosystem in Amsterdam).

You can find the survey here