VU start-up Fitsurance receives subsidy for innovative health platform

June 18, 2023

VU start-up Fitsurance is intensifying the development of the digital health platform 3D lifestyle Coaching that counters chronic diseases through generating personal lifestyle advice. The platform is set up on the basis of (health) data and science. Fitsurance receives the RVO MIT R&D cooperation subsidy together with 4MedBox. This subsidy is awarded from the province of North Holland by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

“We want to help people make better lifestyle choices, whether it’s about eating, exercising or sleeping. Because of the RVO subsidy, we can expand our platform and make it available to lifestyle coaches. This is how we will support people to make the lifestyle choices that really suit them!”
Tommie Koppens Co-founder & CEO Fitsurance

Lifestyle related chronic diseases
Fitsurance is developing 3D lifestyle Coaching because many chronic diseases can be related to lifestyle. There are nearly 10 million chronically ill people in the Netherlands and that number is still rising, which is partly due to the aging of the population. Therefore, it is of great importance that the prevention of chronic diseases improves.

Better health advice through the use of data
3D lifestyle Coaching keeps digital track of the data about the health of an individual. The innovative platform enables health advice to become much more personalized than the current standard. Within the current healthcare system, personal coaches are already working to counter chronic diseases related to lifestyle. Through working with the platform, such practitioners can give more substantiated and personalized advice.

Prevention starts with more control
3D lifestyle Coaching is also being developed for the patient’s own management of the data. Through self-monitoring of health, chronically ill people experience more of their own say and control. As a result, the emphasis can be placed on the prevention of illnesses as part of the treatment.

About Fitsurance
Fitsurance was founded at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam by an interdisciplinary group of movement scientists who wish to contribute to health prevention. They are developing science based applications of which is implementation is being thought of in collaboration with healthcare professionals. The health platform 3D lifestyle Coaching is one of the applications.

About 4MedBox
4MedBox is developing digital services in which users themselves keep ownership over their medical data. By this principle, users can autonomously decide whether to share data with medical professionals and third parties. In order to promote individual data-driven health, 4MedBox also facilitates data analyses for health purposes.

About the RVO MIT R&D cooperation grant
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) defines R&D collaboration projects as aimed at the development or innovation of products, production processes or services. Projects that want to be eligible for the subsidy must consist of industrial research and/or experimental development, carried out by a partnership of at least 2 SMEs. MIT stands for MKB Innovation Stimulation Region and Top Sectors.
MIT: R&D-samenwerkingsprojecten (